GENIASS PRESENTS: Granola Funk Express

w/ The Ville Boyz

GENIASS PRESENTS:  Granola Funk Express
Saturday, March 10th
Location: Asheville Music Hall
Cover: $10
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Doors: 9pm
Showtime: 10pm
Ages: 21+
Genre: Hip Hop/Funk/Jam
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Opener: The Ville Boyz
Genre: HIP HOP
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Touring since 1997, GFE creates a live-wire party whenever they drop the beat!  GFE’s music consists of positive hip-hop rhymes over a fusion of funk based jams which expand into reggae, rock, metal, blues and soul. With over 100 songs, GFE creates a musical collage of modern day popculture. They are an extravaganza of artistry; with five musicians, three emcee’s and a vocalist, the shows are Guaranteed Fresh Every time. GFE has a large and growing cross-country fan base who travels to see them play. Word of mouth advertising has been packing venues the band has only played one or two times. The band runs their own label called Akashic Records.

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When you are able to really evaluate a situation, I think it’s key to assess the roots or the condition in which the situation arises. For in my eyes, a situation is only a product of the environment from which it emerges.

The Ville Boyz is a crew with its roots buried in the core of an extremely beautiful & diverse city known as Asheville, North Carolina (The Land of the Sky) which in its essence is one of the soul factors responsible for the birth of the combined forces recognized together as The Ville Boyz.

We all met through perfect circumstance while attending Asheville High School: CB4R, C-Mills, John Boy and I (Dirty Frost). As developing young people in our capitalistic, consumer based society, trying to simply be accepted on any level, is more than enough stress to juggle, without worrying about real problems that have yet to walk right up, and smack you in the face. I think for us though, our motivation stemmed at least partly from the idea that maybe we could smack our problems in the face first. And as far as your social circles were concerned, appealing as they may have been, they just weren’t for us. So we created our own. We would attack a situation before it could attack us, and usually before understanding the repercussions or ripple effects that our actions might create. At least that’s what we would do in the form of music, dirty, grimy, almost always offensive, but yet confusingly awesome rap music.

Just keep in mind that our situation is simply a product of the environmental box that we were raised to live “free” inside of. For one can only grow to the extent that their environment will allow. Understanding that for me was the first step in moving toward some type of real mental freedom, and also motivated me to start poking holes in my environmental box.

These days more than ever, we strive to grow. We’ve begun to incorporate live instrumentation. We’ve recognized a more positive direction to head in and we’ve added a new member to the crew (Smidi).

Smidi was raised in the northwest section of the United States Capital City, Washington DC on Georgia Ave. “I moved to Asheville when I was already raised but became a man in Asheville”, Smidi recalls. For us as a crew Smidi has added many new aspects. In my opinion drive might be one of the more immediately noticeable attributes. There has been a new fire created, as of lately, that has not roared like it now does, probably since the beginning. Since the addition of Smidi we have done shows with Ghostface Killah, Gangstagrass & Ice Cube. The list will only get longer, and the crew will only get stronger. For us, the future is bright.

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