GENIASS PRESENTS: Zoogma w/ Sounduo

w/ Sky Walkers

GENIASS PRESENTS:  Zoogma w/ Sounduo
Thursday, February 07th
Location: Asheville Music Hall
Cover: $10adv /$12d.o.s.
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Doors: 9pm
Showtime: 10pm
Ages: 21+
Genre: Electronic/Jam/Rock
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Opener: Sky Walkers
Opener’s Showtime: 10pm
Genre: Electronic/Jam
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Zoogma combines the sonic diversity and precision of a DJ with the excitement and immediacy of a four piece rock group. Known for their energetic performances and retina pleasing light show, the band consistently dishes out heavy-weight beat-driven dance parties across the nation. Sets are kinetic, combining live improvisation with carefully crafted beats and melodic textures.

Evolving in Oxford, MS, Zoogma’s sound is an eclectic fusion of Electronica, Rock, Jazz, World, and Hip-Hop. This blend of genres results in a musical experience that appeals to a range of audiences, with a sound that is refreshingly original yet steeped in the dance music tradition. With the release of their debut album, Recreational Vehicles, along with a relentless tour schedule, the four members have already added their unique voice to the live electronic-rock scene.

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Sounduo is a post-dub, audio/visual live performance project. Their sound features poly-rhythmic hip-hop grooves, vintage samples, soulful vocals, ambient soundscapes, live instruments, and heavy synth bass passed through a scuzzed-out dub filter and mangled using the latest in glitch technology. Sounduo’s performances have an emphasis on live remix’s and dub versions of their studio tracks, live drums, plenty of improvisation, and a synced lighting and visuals show. With the addition of their “unofficial” third member, Andrew Byrd, Sounduo’s live presence is a force not to be reckoned with. Andrew seamlessly syncs a plethora of glowing LED lights, projections, and 3d mapped structures, with Sounduo’s music to create an intoxicating audio/visual experience and environment that regularly leaves attendees with their minds blown.

Masters of creating a futuristic glowing dub atmosphere while maintaining the bass-driven, party-vibe feel of bass music, Sounduo has showcased their abilities to completely capture crowds throughout multiple extensive Southeast tours and at some of the biggest music festivals in the region. Whether through performing at Ultra, Blackwater, Aura, Impulse, Winter Music Conference, or Art Basel, sharing stages with artists such as Big Gigantic, Elliot Lipp, Zoogma, Archnemesis, and Dr. Fameus, headlining club dates, or being featured on prominent EDM blogs, Sounduo’s buzz for their live performances and studio productions have steadily grown and each year promises to be leaps forward for these electronic and visual dub pioneers.

Sounduo takes pride in not falling into the category of DJ’s, as their performances are not simply pressing play. They make sure to be as integral to their live sound as what is coming out of their laptop. Taking out many key elements in their tracks and replacing them with live elements, inserting improvisational jam sections, and creating a custom Ableton-live setup allows them to flip and blend diverse sounds and songs at anytime. This showcases their view of the future of electronic music. Fully blending live analog musicians with digital performance.

With the release of ‘Departures,’ their debut LP on Made in Glitch (Bass Science, Gladkill, NastyNasty,Samples,GRiZ), and subsequent Southeast regional tour in early 2012, Sounduo continues to push the boundaries of post-dub/live glitch music and are poised to enter the national arena. They will be taking the stage in Colorado, and all over the Northeast in the coming months, so stay tuned for plenty of exciting news, releases, and videos.


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A brand new musical experience has been conceived from the ruthless, creative development mecca that is Asheville, NC. Three like minded musicians who are Phil Martin on bass, Andrew Kirk on Guitar and Jeremy Adams on drums, are developing a sound with influences ranging from the classic jazz fusion implications of Steely Dan to the deep, minimal yet progressive grooves of Swedish house music. Through their explorations thus far they have opened a new door of spontaneous creative development. Imagine feeling like you’re being wined and dined, but instead of eating and drinking, you are listening. The creative process of this ensemble comes about due to the open minded understanding of sharing ideas and the passion to ultimately share it with the universe.


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